CSCI 1260

Compilers and Program Analysis


Welcome to CSCI 1260 at Brown University!

Have you ever wondered why C programs seem to run faster than Python programs? Have you ever been confused by an error message and wondered why Java couldn't understand your program? In CSCI 1260, we'll learn how compilers read in code in one language and produce code in another; in particular, we'll learn how to translate high-level languages to code that your computer's processor can understand. We will get hands-on practice developing compilers for a series of increasingly complex languages. Along the way, we'll learn some general best practices for developing and testing complex software systems.

Lectures take place every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 - 10:50 AM in CIT 241. All course lectures will be recorded and livestreamed on Panopto.


Homework Out In
0. OCaml Warmup Sep. 7 Sep. 14
1. S-expressions Sep. 14 Sep. 21
2. Characters Sep. 21 Sep. 28
3. DMAOLC (div, mul, and, or, let, case) Sep. 28 Oct. 12
4. Error handling and the heap Oct. 12 Oct. 19
5. Fun with files Oct. 26 Nov. 2
6. Apply, variadic functions Nov. 2 Nov. 16
7. MiniML Nov. 16 Nov. 23
8. Optimizations Nov. 23 Dec. 7
Drill Out In
Drill 1 Sep. 7 Sep. 11
Drill 2 Sep. 14 Sep. 18
Drill 3 Sep. 21 Sep. 25
Drill 4 Oct. 5 Oct. 9
Drill 5 Oct. 12 Oct. 16
Drill 6 Oct. 19 Oct. 23
Drill 7 Nov. 2 Nov. 6
Drill 8 Nov. 9 Nov. 12
Exam Date
Midterm Oct. 26
Final Dec. 13


Lectures take place every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 - 10:50 AM in CIT 241. The lecture notes will be updated after every class. Streams and recordings will show up in our Panopto folder and will (eventually) be linked here.

Lecture topics for future dates are very tentative.

Date Topic Recording
September 7 What is a compiler? Recording
September 12 OCaml intro; S-Expressions Recording
September 14 Unary operations Recording
September 19 Booleans Recording
September 21 More Booleans, conditionals Recording
September 26 Binary operations
September 28 Naming expressions with let
October 3 Pairs and the heap
October 5 TBD
October 10 NO CLASS
October 12 Handling errors
October 17 Interacting with the environment
October 19 Output and functions
October 24 More functions
October 26 MIDTERM (In Class)
October 31 Tail calls
November 2 Parsing
November 7 Function pointers
November 9 Closures
November 14 Typechecking
November 16 Optimization intro: inlining
November 21 Constant folding and CSE
November 23 NO CLASS
November 28 Optimizing loops
November 30 Optimizing loops cont, wrap-up
December 5 TBD
December 7 TBD
December 13 FINAL (In Class)


Zoom links are included in the Google Calendar event, as well as in the SignMeUp Queue.


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